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PUBG Quotes: Funny, Attitude & Motivational



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Hey PUBG Lovers, Welcome to QuotesMafia. Today we have something special for you. Nowadays PUBG is one of the most popular Mobile & PC Games for strangers. Many of them searching for the best Quote related to PUBG Games. So that I thought to share some Motivational PUBG gaming Quotes to show off on social media.

Today while playing PUBG I thought to the team meats that “I can challenge you that I own the game with Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner”, but they don’t believe and after ending the game I really own the game. After that, I have the same feeling to share some Attitude Quotes about owning the PUBG game.

I have a search on google but there are no good Quotes related to this kind of things. I’m very disappointed. Then I called my Writers to do it now Because QuotesMafia is all about Quotes & Sayings.

My Writers made some great PUBG Quotes images for you. check them below and share them on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or anywhere you want to.

PUBG Quotes

So, if you are searching for best PUBG Quotes, Then Read our below collection of gaming Quotes that will motivate you or you can use them for Show OFF on social media with high attitude.

PUBG Quotes in English

PUBG Quotes in English

The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.


Run Loot Die Repeat

So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.

In PUBG, expect the unexpected

He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

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PUBG Quotes in Hindi

PUBG Sirf Game Hi Nahi Duniya Hai Meri…

मे तो PUBG ने लूटा Candy Crush मे कहा दम था और हम मरे वहाँ आकर जहां Blue Zone ख़तम था

Es kadar pubG🥰 k diwane ho gye hain ham, Music 🎶beat me bhi ab goli ki aawaj sunayi dati he🔫

Meri wali ka phone aaya, Boli Babu mosam acha hai, Mene bola PUBG me game sabka hai, Phone rakh warna breakup hona pakka hai…

सिर्फ PUBG ही ऐसा गेम हैजहां शाकाहारी भी चिकन डिनर एंजॉय करते है

Funny PUBG Quotes

I’m an Under Ground Solder of my Nation(I Play PUBG)

I don’t need any certificate to be Soldier, PUBG is Here to have you.

PUBG Motivational Quotes

Who said PUBG is a time pass! Come and meet me on Pochinki!

As a PUBG gamer, I can’t think of anything more annoying for everyone concerned than playing games in a shared living room. …

It’s definitely clear when you’re playing a game like ‘PUBG,’ there’s this realistic warzone feel that they’re going to get; there’s a little bit of blood – no gore – and you get that ‘Call of Duty’ war feeling.

PUBG Chicken dinner Quotes

I never liked Chicken, But not in PUBG my bro.

I never sleep without getting Chicken Dinner.

Some times we can’t eat Chicken (When it comes on PUBG)

if you think you are bad, then I’m your Dad.

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PUBG Winning Quotes

Legends Never die, Whether it is PUBG or any Game.

Never heart someone who Has AWM on PUBG.

I don’t need any Scope to Headshot on You!

My Favourite place to ride a Bike is Miramar.

PUBG Quotes Images

Below I have shared some awesome PUBG sayings & quote images to share on stories & status wall.

PUBG Quotes in Hindi
PUBG Mobile Quotes,
PUBG english Quotes
PUBG Quotes in Hindi
PUBG Quotes

Finally, I hope you may like our Collection of Best PUBG Quotes. Share them on your Social media, and also let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. Thank You!



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