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(Logan Paul Vlogs) Top 10 Logan Paul Quotes of His Success



Logan Paul Orignal name Alexander Paul is a stunning American actor, director, musician and well known Youtube whose Subscriber is 19 million. Paul first gained Popularity through her viral video on vines.

Logan paul’s birthday: Logan was born on 1st April 1995 in Westlake, Ohio.

Paul Girlfriend: Chloe Bennet is a Hollywood actor who confirms her relationship with youtuber Logan paul.

{BAN FROM INTERNET} Logan Paul Top 10 quotes

Logan knows he was going to make it from a very young age. When he was just 10 years old he started making a video on youtube who gifted a camera from his mom. He makes only 20% of his money from youtube Chanel. Paul earns through social media he paid thousand and hundred dollars in Social media posts. Paul’s brand name is from her pet maverick parrot who follower on Instagram 1.2 million. Paul recently bought a house in Los angles $6,550,00 and start to upgrade it. Logan is a fittest youtuber  in the world. Here are some quotes from Logan pauls

Logan paul sucess rule:


                     {BAN FROM INTERNET} Logan Paul Top 10 quotes

I Get to do what I  want. And I get paid Millions of dollar to do it.

Off Camera, I’m like, chill and very laid Back. I don’t know if the word is “Shy” but ‘Reserved’. I’m alwyas thinking.

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who should be.

Mavericks see life through the lens of Possibility. We dent the Universe.

I Do Everything that I do. For the fans, And it means so much to me.

Life isn’t Short You just need to do more.

A lot of Influencers are lazy. They’re cool with a nice car or some money in the bank…


I want people talking about me when i’m gone.

Exploit your Strength fix your weakness.

You got to be Creative and you got to fill your niche right so like I was thecrazy college kid who wasn’t like to afraid to be weird in front of people.


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