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Hima Das Quotes [ 40+ Quotes ]



Hima Das Quotes

Hima Das, also known as the “Dhing Express”, is an Indian sprint runner from Assam. The 19-year-old holds the current Indian national record in 400 meters with a timing of 50.79 seconds at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, Indonesia. She is also the first Indian athlete to ever win a Gold Medal in a track event at the IAAF World U20 Championships. So, I hope our collections of  Hima Das Quotes will help you to overcome troubles and get success.

Who is Hima Das?

Hima Das Quotes

Hima Das was born on 9th January 2000 in a poor family in Assam’s Nagaon district. Her parents, Ranjit Das and Joni Das do farming to support the family. Hima’s superior talent first came to light at an inter-district meet back in 2016. In spite of the deficiency of training facilities and appliance, the resilient sprinter scalped a bronze medal in the state level. In due course, Hima qualified for the women’s 200 m event at the Asian Youth Championships, Bangkok. There, she finished at the fifth spot with an overall time of 24.31 seconds. On 12 July 2018, Hima tasted her first-ever win in the 400 m final at the World U-20 Championships. She had clocked 51.46 seconds to reach the summit.  On 26 August 2018, she bettered the national record to 50.79 seconds in the 400m final.

Awards & Achievements:

After creating history when she came back home in September, a surprise was waiting for her. Due to massive success in Jakarta, sportswear company Adidas India signed Hima Das for an agreement deal. The Government of Assam further appointed her as the state’s brand ambassador for sports. Later that year, UNICEF-India appointed her as India’s first-ever Youth Ambassador. Furthermore, the Indian government would provide Hima Das ‘end-to-end’ funding until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Asian Games
Gold2018 JakartaWomen’s 4×400 m
Silver2018 JakartaMixed 4×400 m
Silver2018 Jakarta400 m
World U20 Championships
Gold2018 Tampere400 m

40+ Motivational Quotes of Hima Das

Are you looking for Hima Das Quotes on her success story? If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place. We have compiled a list of 40+ Hima Das Quotes which will inspire you to achieve your goal.

Hima Das Quotes

I used to run barefoot in my village some the back. Now, I have a branded shoe with my name on it.

Hima Das Quotes

I have the love and blessings of Indians and my family and I have faith in my own hard work and training. That is all I need.

Hima Das Quotes

I don’t show tension and nervousness, but I know how fast my heartbeat races before a race.

Hima Das Quotes

I am hurt that some people criticise very harshly without even realising the hardships which we go through.

Hima Das Quotes

Hima is Hima only. I haven’t changed.

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My only aim is to clock a time that everyone remembers.

Hima Das Quotes

I am not running after gold medals; I am running after time. And once I get that, gold medals will run after me.

Hima Das Quotes

The biggest challenge of my career has always been to improve my timing, and it will always be so.

Hima Das Quotes

The first 300 m., I go slow and pick up speed at the end. That’s Hima’s style.

Hima Das Quotes

The ultimate dream of an athlete is to compete in the Olympics. For us athletes, that is the zenith. There is nothing beyond that.

Hima Dash Quotes on Sports

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Hima Das Quotes

Whatever the rules are, we have to follow them. I have no problem with it.

Hima Das Quotes

I hope I will get a chance to compete in the Olympics.

Hima Das Quotes

Even Sachin used to get ducks during his career. There are ups and downs in every athlete’s career.

Hima Das Quotes

Everybody has difficulties in life. But if you have to win something for the country, you have to struggle.

Hima Das Quotes

Forget the past, and ask me what’s next.

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Hima Das Quotes

My attitude is different. And no one understands me the way my friends do.

Hima Das Quotes

It is a great feeling that I am the first Indian to win a gold medal in a track event in world juniors.

Hima Das Quotes

If you want to achieve something great, you have to work hard for it. It is as simple as that.

Hima Das Quotes

If you ask me, everything… every event that takes place changes your life.

Hima Das Quotes

Inspirational Quotes and Sayings by Hima Das

My role model was Sachin Tendulkar as a kid. I feel very proud that I have been able to follow his footsteps and become a UNICEF ambassador like him.

I live in a joint family with 17 members under one roof. My father is an MA, but he didn’t get a job, because all his certificates got destroyed when our house caught fire. So my father took up farming – fish farming and vegetable farming.

I don’t think about medals. I just think of bettering my own time.

My father was a footballer, and he has inspired me.

We are human beings, at the end of the day. Success and failure are a part and parcel of our life.

I thrive on competition. It feels good to improve timings and create records.

Everything happens at one step at a time.

I believe in time and in God. Nothing else bothers me.

I have made my schedule in such a way that whenever I am getting time from studies, I do my training.

I am still the same village girl from Dhing who used to help my father in the paddy field, help a mother in household chores, run for hours on the streets of Dhing, play football with my Mon Jai group friends.

My paternal uncle and aunt have jobs, and they are the ones who feed the family with a regular income.

Hima Das Quotes in Hindi

I want to run as fast as I can.

I don’t think I even understand the full meaning of athletics.

The pressure has increased; I have to practise more and keep performing better.

I am a positive person, and I want to look ahead in life and do something for my parents and the country.

Nothing concerns me other than my time. That is my only concern. I don’t pay any attention to the rest. I run after time. If that improves, the gold, silver, etc. will follow.

I haven’t changed, but people’s perception changed.

My biggest support and backbone have been my friends.

I know my family’s condition and how we struggled. But the Almighty has something for everybody.

Good athletes will be there at good competitions, but I don’t think about them; I just think of bettering my own time.

When I was in Class II, we used to walk about 5 km. to school. I did not know of the Olympics or even athletics then. One day, a friend went in a car and left me behind. I was so angry, I wanted to run and outrace the car. I ran so fast that I tripped and fractured my knee.


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